ToneStack has been working with musicians and for musicians.
These musicians are devoted,skilled, play everyday and above all they love music just like ToneStack.

- Robby Valentine - His own plexi pedal ( after he took it from Paul Coenradie )
- Kobus Groen ( Miss Montreal ) 
- We made custom pedals for Saskia Laroo (sax) adapted with beltclips.
- Together with Ruben Hoeke we designed his signature pedal the "RH Boost Drive".
- Paul Coenradie has his own plexi pedal made by ToneStack.
- Misha Sprenger ( the Damned and dirty ) asked for an unique pedal to enhance his sound.
  We loved his challenge and built him a classic 50's style pedal ( no we are not telling what kind ;-) )

If you want an origanal and unique pedal, you are at the right place!!

Robby Valentine - PlexiDriver

Kobus Groen -  Miss Montreal 

Ruben Hoeke's RH Boost-Drive

Mischa Sprenger's
custom 50's style pedal.               Saskia Laroo, beltclip pedal.