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A custom build ABY Pedal for Joris from "Stories From ShameHill"

The guitar effects of ToneStack are built by hand, and are therefore delivered individually.

Each effect is built and finished individually, which means that it is possible that there are differences in 2 equivalent effects.
From the moment an order arrives and a payment is made, the production process is started, this is done via a number of fixed steps;

Internal work built on stripboard.
Layouts, Housing and Spraypaint are all manual work.

All parts are collected or ordered together, then the housing is provided with all holes, based on a chosen / discussed layout.

The housing is sanded and leveled and then the housing is sprayed into the primer.
When the housing is well dried, it is sprayed in a basic color. Then in time for the image, the image is created and printed on special foil.

The design is discussed in consultation with the future owner of the effect as long as it is not a standard effect.
The image is processed with clear varnish and goes along with the spraying process, the image is placed between the varnish layers during the finishing process.
All components are then soldered to the printed circuit board, which can be existing PCBs, but mainly on Veroboard.
If more applications come from one and the same effect, it is decided to take a pcb into production if necessary.
It is therefore possible that a pcb is used that is not from ToneStack itself, but because the effect is good in itself, an existing pcb is used to also keep costs down.
The result is a hand-built guitar effect that has put time and love into it and therefore you ultimately have an effect that is built and sprayed by hand.

Every effect is checked and never leaves home until I am satisfied with the final result.

Since 2017 i started to use prefab PCB for my production pedals, they still are soldered by hand.
It is cost and time reducing so i can maintain regular and normal prices.
I aquired alot of parts so most of the needed parts are in house allready.